Monday, June 6, 2011

How can you end a Vodafone contract early?

I want to change networks as I can't get any signal where I live. I'm on an 18 month contract and have 6 months left to go, paying 拢25 a month.

How much will it cost to terminate the contract early?

C:How can you end a Vodafone contract early?
You will have to pay a fee for ending your contract early and will likely cost alot, and ';may'; have to return your phone.If i was you i would either stick it out or get the lowest priced tariff they have available.

Another option may be to get there lowest priced tarrif and then join another network and get a dual sim holder for your phone. You will have 2 contracts but you can use up all the money on the vodaphone contract until it runs out, but you would have 2 numbers..How can you end a Vodafone contract early?
in the terms and conditions of the original contract, it will have a minimum purchase price, e.g. $1500. Basically, say you've only paid $1000 on bills and calls, etc you'd have to pay out the remaining $500, plus there is usual contract breaking fees. You'll have to ring them to find out the exact amounts.

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